Tears of Heaven

Phenoms Problem

Hey, I need some help.playing the swordmage was fun. but i thought it would be better. so im doing a rewrite. i want to make a striker. just dont no what one to be! give me a call plz let me know what you think.

Danillo wish list

Circlet of mental onslaught Warlock bracers +3 drowmesh laughing death armor I don’t think I put those on the card. There is also a ton of wondrous items that serve no purpose other then they would be cool to have.


Here is the Cleric. Varnor

Wish List

(15)Radiant Longbow +3 (13)Elven Battle Armor +3 (13)Symbol of Divine Reach +3 (9)Boots of Striding A ritual of my choosing would be nice but if I must specify… I’d want speak with dead and raise dead.

wish list - Cross

Wand of Psychic Ravaging +3 (13) Bracers of Respite (Paragon Tier) (12) Fireburst Boots (paragon tier) (14) Gloves of the Healer (paragon Tier) (12) Exodus Knife (paragon Tier) (12)

Company Name

I just wanted to post the name of the Company. Barrons & Burkes Consultancy

new Character Added
Added the leader of this merry band

Janus Cross

Character Added


This is what I’ve wrote up so far. Still looking up things, I’ll update feats, and etc. later!

Campaign Details
Campaign Details

Some basic information that might help with your character creation and other ideas.


The five of you are members of a company for hire. Mercenary is too restrictive of a term for the sort of organisation you are. Some might call you adventurers, others might call you sellswords. You have been hired for a wide variety of jobs in the past. Some legitimate, some which you would prefer the Flaming Fists never found out about. A good reference would be the crew of Serenity from the series “Firefly”. The adventure begins with you receiving a letter bearing the seal of the law firm Barrington and Hale that invites you to a meeting at their office to discuss a potential business opportunity.

You will have to come up with a name for your company and it would be great if you even brainstormed some previous jobs you might have done that could impress your potential new client at the meeting!

Allowable books/resources

  • Players Handbook
  • Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide
  • Monster Manual
  • Martial Power
  • Published resources from Wizards like Dragon magazine (e.g. Bard and Barbarian character resources)

Books like PHB2 and the Arcane Powers are not banned but obviously aren’t available right now. We can discuss those when they become available for use.


I’m not putting any restrictions on what races you guys are playing but try to keep things reasonable. You’re starting out in Baldur’s Gate and are residents of the city. Nothing wrong with playing something different and exotic but to quote the Forgotten Realms Players Guide’s entry on Baldur’s Gate:

”..anyone can become a citizen or start a new life, regardless of background. Still one is unlikely to see many trolls, orcs, ogres, or drow walking the streets”

So things like Minotaurs, Gnolls or Bugbears are fine. But a Githyanki is pushing things a little too far given their nature.


You’ll all be Unaligned this game to allow for a certain….moral flexibility in your characters. You guys are just heartbroken at the thought of being Unaligned, I can just tell. Your alignment may change depending on your actions throughout the game. There aren’t any hard and fast rules for what can shift it, I’ll make judgments on that as I think are warranted.

Starting gear and gold

You’ll be starting at level 10. The idea of this campaign is to give you guys a chance to explore the paragon path and try out some of the cooler classes available.

As far as gear goes, you’ll all begin with:

  • Starting adventuring kit
  • One item of 11th level
  • One item of 10th level
  • One item of 9th level
  • 5,000 gold pieces

Feel free to purchase whatever you might like with the 5,000 gold you each have but remember that money talks, and this is never more true then in a mercantile hothouse like Baldur’s Gate.


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