Welcome to the new campaign wiki for the D&D 4th Edition campaign, “Tears of Heaven”.

I’ll be updating myself with helpful campaign information to assist with character creation and pre-planning for the group. But feel free to use this wiki yourselves as much as you like! Update any articles with your characters bios, new information as it comes to light, record interesting people that you meet, or even shiny treasure that you might find! The more you use it, the more helpful it will become!

Check out the Adventure Log tab for information to help create your characters.

The Wiki tab is where you’ll find information to the specific campaign setting and people you might meet. This is definitely a section you might like to update as you learn more about the world around you.

The NPC tracker is exactly what it sounds like. A place to keep details on all those pesky NPCs you’ll meet. No more forgetting the name of the dwarf in the tavern that sold you directions to a fake treasure horde anymore!

As a general note, when you see a hyperlink that’s coloured red, that means that the article regarding that topic is yet to be created. Feel free to go ahead and put in any information you have about it! Just clink on the red link to go to the article and start typing. Hit the “Create” button when you’re done and viola!

Tears of Heaven

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